Frequently Asked Question

Prompt users to rate your app

This short tutorial will show you how you may prompt users to rate your app. 

First, you need to access your app's dashboard. Then go to "Edit Pages". 
Find a page where you would like to insert the link to your app rating section at AppStore. 
Now, go to edit the page, type in the text / add a button that will be linked with the code below: 
1 <a href="external://itms-apps://;type=Purple+Software">Rate this app</a><br>
where id=APP_ID is the Apple App ID. 
Thus, type in the text or add a button and insert the external link:



(with your Apple App ID mentioned instead)

Now, when the end user of your app taps the added link/button, it will bring up the "Rating section of your app" from AppStore. This way the user is able to rate your app and/or write a review for it, saving some time looking it up.